The body of individual female is unique from each other, which brings the various beauties for every individual female. The tradditional beauty care is becoming out dated and it can't meet the higher demands for beauty. Our mission is to provide unique and fitting beauty care based on every individual customer.

- Dorcas R. Lazo, founder of 4BeautySlim


Laurel C. Gentry

Senior doctor

Engaged in medical plastic surgery more than 10 years, Laurel C. Gentry is the world's leading medical plastic surgery experts. She was graduated from the South African Witt University in the department of medicine. In 2006 she certificated the Surgeons membership of British Royal College. In 1981 she gained qualification certificate in USA and became the professor of Florida State University of Atlantic.

Enjoy the beauty, enjoy the life!

Tara R. Sparrow

associate senior doctor

As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Tara R. Sparrow has done a lot of innovative research in the treatment of face, chest, and other parts of the body, such as cosmetic surgery, bulking agents and botulinum toxin. He is involved in the development of many new products and new therapeutic devices as academic leaders and researchers in clinical trials.

I can bring females their natural beauties!

Jessica L. Sapp

attending doctor

Jessica L. Sapp is a cosmetologist. She is the consultant orthopedic and reconstruction surgeon at Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco and is good at reconstructing the eyelids.

Beauty is NOT a box of chocolate. You can always find your beauty here.